Baby Bizzy

Marvin Raheem Bangs a.k.a “Baby Bizzy” was born June 2nd, 1986 in Freetown, Sierra Leone,West Africa. He started releasing singles in the year 2000, within that year he also released his 1st album with his co Lil Dreamer. His single “Romeo and Juliette” was among the songs that topped the Sierra Leonean music industry.

Years later, he started mixing and mastering for other artist including himself. In 2007 he worked with a renown record label “Thinx Records” where he produced so many hit singles and albums. Furthermore, Bizzy also produced his own album called “Love story” with the hit song “I love You” which took over the airwaves of Sierra Leone by storm.

He is presently in Lagos, Nigeria working with Island Records doing his thing as usual. Bizzy has also co-produced hit singles such as “Ararara and Mabo” for Nigerian artists such as Klem, and Bular. Bizzy, also recently mixed and mastered Signature’s album which was produced by K-Solo. In addition, he also mixed and mastered an album for S.F.P, a high-life group, which is now in the Nigerian market for sale. Presently he has been signed under a Sierra Leonean label known as Sierra Network. His album is due out in February 2013, with hit singles such as “Going Gaga” and “Azonto Dance”.

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