By Omega Salone

Adonis, a modern day Jamil Sahid Mohamed - More for ADONIS less for Sierra Leoneans

There had been series of cases where Sierra Leonean investors come invest but there is no support from government agencies or being discouraged by the custom and excise department, either because the kind of business Sierra Leoneans opt to establish is being done by foreign business people which would expose their villainous business attitude towards the people of Sierra Leone. Or constant kickbacks and collusion is being offered by these egocentric and ferocious foreign business people for such product not to be given licence or trade by any other individual. For instance, let us take some of the basic commodities like rice: Lebanese are the only foreigners that are allowed to bring rice to Sierra Leone. Society is so wicked to an extent that if the country is provided with free rice as offertory by philanthropists, those rice would be placed at the quay until get rot and dumped, because their products would have to store for some time without having sales.

Supplies of furniture to government: It is so disheartening when government request for quotations for the supplies of office furniture, and these contracts are being awarded to Lebanese at the detriment of Sierra Leonean taxpayers and donor agencies. The same Lebanese contractors go to our local carpenters and give them these contracts for meagre sum after being allocated with huge amount of funds; machinery, other provision, agricultural inputs and implements etc. It is also frustrating for one to know that some of these supplies are not effect, they pay and share the monies among themselves. Part of the supplies are made, but later return with 'blindfool' items again to the same suppliers.

This is what has been going on for the past decades. Taking into consideration the futile pattern of inconsiderable monies Transnational DSTV is making against the wish and economy of Sierra Leonean families who want the best for their homes. Sierra Leone pays the highest registration and subscription for DSTV service in the whole world. It is incredible to the Ghanaian side seeing Sierra Leoneans running to Ghana to register with Ghanaian DSTV facility for their homes in Sierra Leone, it's a pity. 58.4% DSTV subscribers are registered with Ghanaian DSTV because our DSTV agent in Sierra Leone is a cheat. It's hard to believe, that Sierra Leoneans are paying for a monthly subscription of over $100. A country that is without constant electricity. In some part of eastern Freetown, they've gone without electricity for couple of months; and there is no concession, consideration, and thought. In most cases, Sierra Leone DSTV network is faulty, people cannot tune-in to station they want to reach, but nobody complains.

The price for subscription is exorbitantly high. Can you imagine, subscribers pay over Le500,000 per month, come on! There are other satellite networks that have existed before and there cost for service was reasonable and accessible, and some are free of cost after installation and provides 95% of what Adonis DSTV provides for subscribers; but could not stay long because of Adonis DSTV dubious, un-nationalistic and vicious links with security and other political apparatus. Family members may want to interact as families, but could not because of the unnecessary exorbitant cost for DSTV service. This is one social deficit to society of the so-called Adonis DSTV. Why always Sierra Leone? All these services should be provided free of cost with the resources we have as a country. You go to some habitations in Ghana, Botswana, Guinea, Cameroun, The Gambia, South Africa etc; society provides these facilities because it is no luxury, but necessity, every worker should be able to afford DSTV at 21st century. Some of these countries slumps are being provided free of cost for their community people; that also help citizens to be confident of his/her status as citizen of his/her country and feel belonged and recognized. Where do you expect one to sacrifice Le500,000 for DSTV per month.

This must be one of the causes for the growth of corruption, because one may want the family to be comfortable and find a strategy to take their family off from the wilds, ills and evils; danger and hooliganism. In any sober society, the least paid worker should be able to provide satellite facility for the home, but for Sierra Leone, one is eligible to provide DSTV by means of secret characters and/or bank loans/ annual rents, funds from overseas friends/family, little by little payments. Presently, there are other reasonable companies around providing the same and beyond services for affordable costs (Le70,000, Le50,000, Le30,000) per monthly subscription.

This network and other partners are keenly monitoring the actions of state institutions and Adonis Aboud on their regular hide and go seek tricks to discourage honest rivalries. The Korpor wey e don eat e do so, mek e allow competition, so salone piple dem sef go enjoy dem kontri. Too much of one thing is good for nothing. All what Adonis want is to continue enrich himself immeasurably at the spectre of perpetual winner winning at the expense of perpetual losers. This network is advising Adonis Aboud DSTV cost to revisit his subscription cost to an affordable cost. You can't be sitting or dreaming overnight and institute a price as you feel like. You are losing your credibility and sense of purpose, regardless the offers you have been making towards national development, all those glories can be deleted in a moment as it's waving down gradually . It is not fear to the People of Sierra Leone. All the free monies you've made is from Sierra Leone. Take a deep breath and rethink. The monies spent on fees for your children and grand children in the United Kingdom is from Sierra Leoneans sweats. If that's the way school charges are been increased unfavourably in UK, you would have sent them to Fourah Bay College or Njala. To help you with some hints: In Ghana, premium cost is $50.......

Sierra Leone, The Land of Milk and Honey. Over and Out!

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