David Vandy Exclusive One on One Interview with F.A Cole Part 2
It been a long time coming and he's finally here. You either heard his songs or you heard about him but if not then welcome to the real deal, the Instrument of our generation. JQ also known as SLQJ is the new face who's ready to not only change the game but to also motivate and inspire his generation. The MC behind the F-ONE-17 mixtapes and movement, his long awaiting album 'Life Jacket' is set to drop this year 2014. I'm respectfully asking all Sierra Leoneans to please embrace this multi talented young rapper as he's not here to proclaim…
Sierra Network managed to catch up with Heyden Adama at a wedding reception where they had a wonderful one on one interview. Please watch in order to gain more insight into Heyden Adama's life and most of all, why did she quit modeling? Find out in this all exclusive interview with Triple A of Sierra network!!!
Abdul Karim Turay from interview with DJ Boxx CEO of Boxx Productions.
The long awaited interview of Christiana Bull enjoy! (www.Just2ray.Com now Sierra Network Salone promoting salone's talents)!
Just2ray presents the one on one show with bockarie samura, and biggest upcoming artists double t!!! Watch out for more of these interviews.
Nigerian-Born Ruffcoin, famously known for his smash hit single "Nwa Aba" is now officially signed to Big A Entertainment. Big A Entertainment is an entertainment company based in the United States and is committed to promoting African Music to the rest of the world by assisting African Artists cross over boundaries within the music industry and discover new niches.
Interview Highlights: Up, Close and Personal with Top Nollywood Comedia/Actor John Okafor aka Mr Ibu. In this exclusive interview with Golden Icons, John Okafor was not afraid to say what was on his mind as he described himself as John Okafor, and as an actor ‘Mr Ibu’. He also indicated in this interview that there are 2 viruses “Piracy & Homosexual” in the Nollywood Industry. The Interview will be released on Sept. 5, so Enjoy the highlights as shown below.


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