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It been a long time coming and he's finally here. You either heard his songs or you heard about him but if not then welcome to the real deal, the Instrument of our generation. JQ also known as SLQJ is the new face who's ready to not only change the game but to also motivate and inspire his generation. The MC behind the F-ONE-17 mixtapes and movement, his long awaiting album 'Life Jacket' is set to drop this year 2014. I'm respectfully asking all Sierra Leoneans to please embrace this multi talented young rapper as he's not here to proclaim being the best but to simply do his best for his sweet Motherland Sierra Leone.

Many talented artists hit the Sierra Leone musical scene everyday-some live to eat the fruits of their talents, but many vanish before they even surface. After a long time in the making, Sierra Leone is yet to stand proud again to embrace one of its most talented up and coming artist: Jay Q.

Born J'unisa in Kenema, Eastern Sierra Leone, Jay Q, aka SLQJ or Jay Qute as the ladies prefer, is not your average artist. Very humble and outgoing, his love for music was evident very early in his life. His influence came mainly from hip-hop artists in the Western hemisphere. Back home, Jay would listen to rappers like Snoop Dogg, Tupac, etc and try rapping to their beats in his own style. Fortunately for him, he immigrated to the U.S in 2006, but it was not until 2008 that he started recording. Since then, he has recorded many songs and in 2010 released his first mixtape called B.L.O.W., which was an immediate hit among his school mates, Sierra Leoneans, Liberians and many other Africans living in Philadelphia, where he currently lives.

To conclude, I must confess that Mama Salone has one more reason to smile again. Jay Q is not only going to hit his country's airwaves, but he also has the talent, courage and potential to reach international level and represent Salone proudly. If Akon can do it for Senegal and Kan'an can do it for Somalia, Jay Q can do it for Sierra Leone. In the meantime, while you impatiently wait for the release of his debut album, yourself by getting a copy of the mixtape "F-One-17" and "F-One-17 reloaded" stay tuned for more info on Jay Q, a.k.a Mr. Luxurious.



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