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Blakka-P arrived in the United States of America with his parents and older sister before he reached the age of two. His family settled in the great state of New York, specifically in the Bronx area, also known as the home of rap. Influenced by his surroundings and with a natural musical talent, Blakka-P started rapping at a young age amongst friends and peers who shared the same love that he did for music.

Blakka "The Lion Prince" P was born in Sierra Leone, a beautiful West African nation. Blakka-P is an exceptionally gifted and versatile artist. Not known to be selfish with his art, Blakka "the Lion Prince" P has collaborated with various musical artists in many different genres, including Affable Records’ artist, Fej, producing the hit smash single “African Girl” from the album Face of Africa, which is now available on iTunes. The video for “African Girl” is steadily gaining momentum all over Africa and recently gained the number one (1) spot on MTV Africa for an entire week. The video was also number one (1) on the Liberian Music charts for a consecutive two (2) weeks and the momentum continues to grow. The lion Prince is also a current member in the Sierra Leonean super rap group WAFent. WAFent comprises of Shadow Boxxer, J.bo, Flame D. Money, and Blakka- P; all considered lyrical heavyweights in their own right in the Sierra Leone Hip Hop Scene. Blakka-P has also collaborated with DC’s own Apocalypse. Together they produced “The I Gotta Write WithThis Guy Mixtape series.”

Blakka-P has mastered the ability to intermingle hip hop rap and dance-hall reggae to the point where one does not sometimes know which genre of music he or she is listening to. Blakka-P is very sharp with his art and the industry will be extremely impressed with his exhibition of talent. Blakka-P is truly in a class of his own because his style is unique and original, which makes it difficult to compare him with other artists.


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