"AFRICANS" Gyptian "Hold Yuh" African Unity ReMix


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Uploaded By: Blakka. Added on: 27 September 2013.
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Tribe x Entertainment & DJ ManixX
Starring: QD, O2 (Jaycube/PSean), Blakka P. (W.A.F.), Naomi Achu, Tonestar , Rafiya & Pa J ,
Re-Mixed & Mastered by Tonestar
Concept & Arrangement by Harrison "Harry Baba" Nwozo Jr. & Dj Manixx
Executive Producers: Harry Baba, Tonestar , & DJ ManixX
Video Director: Tonestar

The goal of this song is to show and remind ourselves how unity amongst AFRICANS/AFRICAN DESCENDANTS is an objective that is not difficult to achieve. I hope this song inspires the listeners enough to share it on every website, blog and forum, having the whole world sing along to the infectious hook...
"We are Africans and we all over the world, from the mountain tops we are reaching high, together forever we unite as Africans and we all over the world..."

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