For Larceny Solar Street Pole Panels In Port Loko, 3 Persons Sentenced To A Total Of 132 Months

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

The judgment of Mr. Augustine Amadu Samura of the Magistrate Court in Port Loko does not only has the potential for a sigh of relief on the side of property owners who used to lived on the mercy of Thieves [Night Carpenters] , but it also turned out to be a ‘windfall’ for both the Prosecution and Personnel at the Correctional Centre in Port Loko. These 2 categories of Personnel emerged as beneficiaries of the 2 Taxi Cars now confiscated to the State. The one with Registration Number- RC 4374 AC became a property of the Correctional Centre in Port Loko, while the Prosecution at the Magistrate Court in Port Loko now has under its control, the one with registration number- AJT 362, after Magistrate Samura ordered that they be put under their control.
These Taxi Cars were tendered as exhibits in the matter of Alhajie Abdul Karim Koroma – a native of Lokomasama Chiefdom in the Port Loko District and others who were arraigned for the offences of Conspiracy, Larceny, Malicious Damage and other related Charges. The 1ST. Accused- Alhajie Abdul Karin Koroma was charged along with Alie Bangura aka ‘Leo’ of Mile 91, Sheku Koroma aka ‘Gbatan’ of Lungi and one Moses Turay aka ‘F I’ of Yourni Bana in the Tonkolili District. They were prosecuted by Police Constable 3435 Saidu Kargbo. He said the Accused Persons were abounded up by Police with the help of the Civil Populace on device days between 1st. and 16th. November2016. It is as a result of the incident along Lungi Road in Port Loko, where some Solar Street Poles were damaged with the Solar Panels and Batteries belonging to the Sierra Leone Government carted away.
The 1st. Accused –Alhajie Abdul Karim Koroma alone had 3 Counts including Conspiracy and Malicious Damage. He did not choose to waist the precious time of the Court largely because the facts were very much vivid. So he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 48 Months for the offence of Conspiracy plus another 24 Months for Count 3 which has to do with Malicious Damage. The Prosecution also had an easy ride on the 2nd. Accused-Alie Bangura aka ‘Leo’ and his colleague- Sheku Koroma aka ‘Gbatan’ who was the 3rd. accused in this matter. They pleaded guilty as charged and were given a 60 months sentence each. Moses Turay aka ‘F I’, is the 4th. Accused Person and was in for the offence of receiving stolen goods. Magistrate Samura was magnanimous enough to consider the long period he has been in detention. He was therefore cautioned and discharged.
It would be recalled that there has been a thieving spree of Solar Street Pole Batteries and Panels in the township of Port Loko. The Thieves had long ravaged all the Solar Street Poles at the Red Cross Compound which was used as a Treatment Centre during the Ebola fight in the District. They extended their act of vandalism from Old Port Loko to the Bankasoka Bridge. The thieves had also dismantled the Solar Poles in several parts of Central Port Loko including the very one at the Magistrate Courtyard. But they eventually ran out of luck at Sendugu. There, the Youths had resolved to put an end to the practise. They mobilised themselves every other night and were able to come up with this impressive catch when some of these Accused Persons were rounded up along Lungi Road on 1st. November 2016.
The Sentence delivered by Magistrate Samura is now being viewed as a sure way to discourage what these vandals have adopted as a way of life. He has also been applauded for salvaging the plight of both the Personnel at the Correctional Centre and the Staff at the Magistrate Court who now have 2 aging cars to battle with. As observed by many at the Courtyard, it will go a long way in addressing the risk wherein Inmates were normally conveyed on foot from the Correctional Centre to the Court. It is perceived that the Prosecution will as well breathe a sigh of relief in terms of transportation. The Personnel will now use the Car to come to Court on time.
You now have the chance to glance at both Cars- one of which is already in garage for maintenance. There is of cause the Photos of Magistrate A.B Samura alongside the Prosecutor- Police Constable 3435 Saidu Kargbo.........

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