Sierra Leone Benefits From 3 Weeks Intensive And Advanced Training Course In Cyber Security

Dr. Hamza Bangura, National Coordinator Cyber Security in Sierra Leone has completed a three Weeks intensive and advanced training course in Cyber security, here in the United States.

Organized by the United States Government (United States Telecommunications Training Institute) with funds from the Home Land Security, Microsoft, Packet Clearing House, AT&T and the Department of Commerce, Dr. Hamza Bangura and other participants were capacitated to face global growing cyber threats.

The fifteen (15) participants which were drawn from fifteen (15) countries from West, South and East Africa and Asia were capacitated to communicate, coordinate, analyze, and respond to cyber threats across different business sectors at national, regional and global levels when the need arises.

The training which took place throughout the month of June 2017, saw participants visited strategic and very important security locations in and around the Washington metropolis including Virginia and Maryland.

Whiles ICTs provide unprecedented opportunities, their misuse and vulnerabilities create new and serious threats with the potential to harm any National security.

Dr. Hamza Bangura said this training has reinforced their knowledge to combat Cybercrimes including the blatant misuse of the social media- such as phishing, spam, computer-related fraud and other similar offences like SIM Box which are rapidly increasing and evolving with the development and adoption of new ICT services.

Through the United States Embassy in Sierra Leone, Dr. Hamza Bangura, national Coordinator Cyber Security participated in the United States of America, while at the same time, other members of the Cyber Security Unit in the Ministry of Information and Communications participated in another Cyber Security Capacity building for ECOWAS countries in Abuja (June 2017).

“Today, Internet and mobile services have become an indispensable part of our daily life, thereby providing real time borderless communication and almost unlimited access to a range of services such as online banking, Mobile Data Services and Voice over Internet (VoIP) telephony. Said Dr. Hamza Bangura.

According to him, “we are more interconnected than ever before through the Africa Coast to Europe Submarine cable at the landing station in Aberdeen Sierra Leone.” Said Dr. Hamza Bangura. Adding, “Sierra Leone’s overall reliance on the Internet continue to increase, which is why the government of President Ernest Bai Koroma continues to invest in modernizing the ICT/Telecom Infrastructures that will enable Citizens access a reliable and affordable ICT/Telecom services.

“The availability of ICTs and network-based services such as e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Education, e-Health and e-Environment offer a number of advantages for our nation’s socio-economic development, because of ICT’s ability to deliver a wide range of basic services in remote and rural areas.

So, Continuous refreshing and upgrading of skills is essential because it will better prepare us to prevent and combat Cybercrimes.

Responding, Hon. Alimammy Coleson Turay welcomed Dr. Hamza Bangura and congratulated him for his effort to combat Cyber Crime.

He said Amr. Bockari Kortu Stevens is aware of the training and briefed him, before attending another meeting.

I am assured by the quality training and participants in attendance, that sooner than later, cybercrime will be at its lowest ebb.

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