Submission Of Certificates - Atto Mensah

The Sierra Leone Football Association would like to inform the general public that it has received the CV and copies of Certificates for Atto Mensah from the Ministry of Sports on Tuesday September 30 at exactly 14:25 hours.

The SLFA would like to thank the Ministry of Sports and Mr Atto Mensah for this submission albeit after a long and strenuous effort to extract this important information from both Mensah and the Ministry of Sports.

However, the FA would also like to inform the general public that in spite of the delay and the fact that the CAF deadline date has expired, the FA will proceed through the process of due diligence with regards to the authenticity of Mr Mensah's CV and Certificates while the FA still stood it grounds with regards to John Sama's appointment as Assistance Coach.

Meanwhile, the FA would like to remind the public that INTEGRITY, DISCIPLINE AND SANITY are the operating factors upon which it hopes to RAISE THE GAME of football in Sierra Leone.


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